serval kittens care

Serval Kittens Care 


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Servals are exotic cats that have a domestic dog like personality. In a home, they are interesting pets, although large. Servals are medium sized cats and normally get up to 28 pounds for a female and 40 for a male. Servals can jump very high and will like to perch on the highest place in the house to watch the goings on around him. Servals are very curious and you must serval proof your house if you are going to have one. They love to pounce on anyone's toes and other things that may wiggle under the covers at night. They are most active in the evenings and mornings. Servals tend to be a one or two person animal, favoring whoever has given them the most attention when they were being raised. You can train them to be more accepting of strangers if you allow them to be around alot of people while they are growing up. I keep lots of toys around and when ever a new person enters the house I always have them play with the servals first thing. Start this while the servals are very young and they will become alot more social. Most places require a permit for exotic pets like servals. Each local is different in their requirements. Some states and counties require permits to breed, other states require them just to have them as pets, and some have no requirements at all. Certain places make it easy as a phone call and visit by the USDA to inspect your facilities. Others have very stringent requirements, often mandating hours of training. At any rate, you must have a secure place for the servals to live, whether it be inside you home, or out in a large spaces enclosure or exhibit Be sure to get a serval kitten at a young age, because they usually bond with their human by the time they are 12 weeks old. I reccommend 8 or 9 weeks old. All serval kittens have different personalities. Some are more social than others. But I will list a few important tricks and steps to help you assure that your new serval kitten will adjust in his or her new home as smoothly as possible. The first thing you do when you get your serval kitten is take the kitten in its carrier to your bed room away from everyone and let them have some time to adjust to the new smalls and sounds around them. Place a litter box in every corner of your room. Place food and water by the entrance of their carrier. Take a worn shirt with your scent on it and place it near the entrance. Open the carrier door and leave the room. Stay away for a hour or two. When you return. Just one person should enter the room very quitely with a string toy in hand. Just sit a distance from the carrier and play with the stick toy to try and get the kittens attention. After about 30 minutes of doing this and the kitten is playing make small attempts to pet the kitten. Do not move to fast and speak in a soft voice. Continue these series of steps for severals days until the kitten is comfortable with you. After this you can start to bring one more member of the family in with you one at a time. The trick is to move slow and be patient. After the kitten has proven to be comfortable with you and your bedrooms surroundings then allow him or her to explore the rest of the house. Play with you kitten at least two times a day for at least 30 minutes. Play with the stink toys, teach him to fetch, play tage, tug of war or keep away. Be creative. Be sure to continually expose your serval kitten to new people and new surroundings. When you have visitors come over, your serval kitten may run hide and not come out until after they are sure the visitors have left. Do not try to force your kitten out in the open for display. If the kitten does come out while visitors are around make the visitors play with the kitten. Tell them to speak softly and not to grab at the kitten. This will help the kitten get used to new people and will teach them to enjoy them. Don't be surprised if your serval kitten starts running to get his toys to meet a complete stranger at the door. When you find your serval kitten doing something that you don't want them to do, it is best to reprimand them with a firm "No" in a deep voice. Body language, and the sound of your voice will become familar to your kitten and she/he will learn that this means your not happy. Servals are very smart and also very stubborn, so it may take several repetitions in order for them to learn that you are not going to let them have their way. Just remember, don't hit your Serval, as they may become scared of you. Time outs in a kennel or small room is also a good way to correct bad behavior. Servals love playing with toys. When they are young, toys that are made for domestic cats will be fine. But when they are older, those toys are too small and they will destroy most of them quickly. Some toys may be so small that they will swallow them and choke or block their intestines. Serval kittens like to chew like a puppy. It is a good idea to have plenty of toys that they can chew on. The hard plastic is preferable. The soft plastic can be eaten, which is definitely not good. If you provide them with plenty of toys, they will be less likely not chew on things that you don't want them to. If they begin chewing on electrical cords, a good solution is to spray the exposed cords with bitter apple spray (available at pet stores). This also works on other items that they may chew. As they mature they usually do not chew very much. Be sure all children are supervised while they are around the Serval. If they are afraid of children, they may develop a fear of children that will stick with them permanently. They are very smart and can tell a child's voice from an adult's voice. Servals usually like other animals. They welcome play with almost any animal once they have time to get accustomed to each other. Once the Serval is close to full-grown however, you should exercise caution when introducing a new small pet, such as a young kitten or puppy. They may think that they are a chew toys or prey and hurt them. Teach your pet Serval to trust you with food, toys, play, patience, and no negative responses. When you are trying to become friends with your Serval one of the best things to do is feed them directly from your hands. This will teach trust. They will learn you are giving them something good when you are reaching for them. Another way to bond with the Serval is to lay down on the floor with their favorite toy. Standing makes them think of you as a predator against them. When you are level with them, eye-to-eye, they are more at ease and they will soon become comfortable with you, no matter if you are standing, sitting or laying down. Servals are very playful, as you will soon find out. They will bring things to you for you to throw to them. They are natural retrievers and they love playing fetch. Some Servals will play fetch for hours. Some servals love water and don't be surprised if your pet serval joins you while you are taking a shower or bath. They will enjoy having a kiddy pool filled with balls and other toys that they can play in their outdoor enclosure. Google+