exotic pet laws

Most States require a permit for owning exotic pets. Each locale is different in their requirements. Some states require permits to breed, other states require them just to have as pets, and some have no requirements at all. Certain places make it easy as a phone call and visit by the USDA to inspect your facilities. Others have very stringent requirements, often mandating hours of training. At any rate, you must have a secure place for the animals to live, whether it be inside you home, or out in a large spaces enclosure or exhibit.  Make sure to do your research on pet laws in your city, county and state.  Serval breeders will know the laws and will ask for proof of permit if your state requires one.  You can find out by calling your local wildlife and game department or by asking your local game warden.  Or by looking up your laws on the internet.  Make sure to look for the exotic laws by going to your state, city and county legislative websites not the 3rd party websites. They are usually outdated or wrong. Here is a link       http://www.bornfreeusa.org/b4a2_exotic_animals.php